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Floor Paint, Primer and Sealers


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PremiumPaints.co.uk supply a high-quality range of heavy-duty industrial floor paint and coatings that are suitable for heavy commercial, industrial, and if needed, domestic use.

These heavy-duty coatings are used when painting warehouses, showrooms, corridors, car parks, storerooms, factory units, cold stores, garages, boiler rooms, as well as heavy traffic areas.

Some of the Benefits From Painting Your Floor With Our Paints:

  • Anti-Slip paint available to add grip to interior floors.
  • Prolongs the life of your floor significantly.
  • Stops the formation of concrete dust.
  • We supply a range of sealers and primers for use with all our floor paints to reduce the risk of delamination when painting bare concrete.
  • Our range of Everest Trade Paints products is manufactured to be the high performance and long-lasting and all come with a quality guarantee.
  • Our Paintmaster range or sealer provide good quality and good performance with great value for money.

All items come with free delivery and bulk discounts are available on request.

We supply paint from Paintmaster and Everest Trade Paints, we only put our name to high-quality paints that we believe will provide high-quality coatings.

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More on our floor paints

Welcome to our Floor Paint Collection – a testament to industrial prowess, resilience, and transformative potential. Step into a world where innovation meets durability, and surfaces are fortified against the toughest of challenges. Our carefully curated assortment boasts a spectrum of advanced floor paint options, including epoxy, polyurethane, and water-based acrylic formulations – each tailored to excel in industrial landscapes.

Engineered for Industry: Our epoxy and polyurethane floor paints represent the pinnacle of industrial strength. These coatings are not merely superficial layers; they're fortified barriers that withstand the relentless demands of heavy machinery, chemical exposure, and high foot traffic. With these paints, industrial floors transform into bastions of endurance without compromising visual impact.

Conquer the Rigors: Industrial environments demand more than just aesthetics – they demand performance. Our paints are formulated to provide unwavering adhesion, longevity, and resistance against the daily rigors that industrial settings impose. From factories to warehouses, these paints empower your floors to weather it all.

Beyond Appearance: While aesthetics matter, our floor paints transcend visual appeal. They embody durability that transcends mere paint – they're the vanguards of protection, ensuring that your industrial floors stand resilient against abrasion, impact, and chemical exposure.

Efficiency Redefined: Our Floor Paint Collection not only stands as a testament to strength but also as an embodiment of efficiency. Application is effortless, whether you're a seasoned contractor or an industrial veteran. Achieve uniform coverage that redefines your floor with a finish that speaks of mastery.

Tailored to the Environment: Our commitment to the industrial domain is showcased in every formula. Each paint has been meticulously crafted to align with the unique requirements of industrial settings, ensuring that the strength and performance they deliver are unparalleled.

Sustainability in Action: Even in industrial landscapes, sustainability matters. Our water-based acrylic floor paints offer a responsible choice, merging performance with eco-consciousness. Experience the transformation your industrial floors deserve while minimizing your ecological footprint.

Industrial Evolution: Our Floor Paint Collection represents the evolution of industrial spaces. With our paints, your factory floors, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities evolve from functional areas into zones of efficiency, strength, and visual impact.

Elevate your industrial landscape with our Floor Paint Collection – where innovation converges with resilience, and surfaces are transformed into bastions of strength. Whether it's the enduring power of epoxy, the relentless excellence of polyurethane, or the progressive impact of water-based acrylic, our paints redefine industrial flooring. Choose our Floor Paint Collection today and bear witness to the industrial evolution of your spaces.

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