Block Paving Sealers
Block Paving Sealers

premium paints logo ant-slip floor paints  BLOCK PAVING SEALERS FOR INDUSTRIAL, DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL USE. Supplies multiple types of block paving sealers, high-performance and eco-friendly. For use in driveways, carparks, patios, commercial and public areas. Available with acrylic or polyurethane resins.

Some of the Benefits of Sealing your Block Paving Include:

  • Most sealers are 100% UV fade resistant, preventing colour loss of the paving.
  • Our solvent based sealers act as a high performing jointing stabiliser, hardening the jointing sand and preventing weed formation.
  • All sealer have anti-fungicidal properties, preventing the formation of moss, algae and lichens.
  • All of our sealers are manufactured with premium quality resins.
  • Our range of Everest Trade Paints products are manufactured to be the high performance and long lasting and all come with a quality guarantee.
  • Our Paintmaster range or sealer provide good quality and good performance with great value for money.

    If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please message us via our live chat, call or email us and we'll do our best to help.

    Block Paving Sealer is a great way to seal and protect your driveway from moss and the weather damage and to keep your driveway looking fresh and stunning, all items come with free delivery and bulk discounts are available on request.

    We supply paint and sealers from Paintmaster and Everest Trade Paints, we only supply quality paints, sealers and coatings.

    ★ Reviews and Feedback

    Reviews and Feedback

    1st class service

    Always great to deal with. friendly and helpful.

    Farm house kitchen floor

    We have a sandstone kitchen floor laid about 10 years ago and never been sealed. It was very difficult to clean as it had open pores which filled with dirt. I used a grinding machine to cut away the surface and cleaned the floor until the water was clear. We waited for it to dry overnight then put down 2 coats of sealer and a 3rd coat in the trafficked areas. The result is a floor we can now clean with a mop. Good product, it does what it says on the website.

    Floor paint

    Haven't used it yet....however, delivery was spot on.... thankyou

    3rd order from Premium Paints

    Once again these guys delivered fast and in perfect condition, thanks again