Masonry Paints
Masonry Paints

premium paints logo ant-slip floor paints  EXTERIOR SMOOTH MASONRY PAINTS AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE SIZES, COLOURS AND BRANDS. are suppliers of multiple brands of exterior masonry paint in a range of colours and sizes, all masonry paints are heavy duty premium paints resulting in a hard wearing long lasting coating.

Masonry paint is a great way to revamp your old and tired property, protecting and re-colouring the surface.
We supply paint from Paintmaster and Everest Trade Paints, we only supply quality paints.

★ Reviews and Feedback

Reviews and Feedback

Driveway paint

This product is very easy to use and covers very well ! Would use this product again for future jobs.

Block paver products

Ordered a couple of items and one item arrived almost immediately with the other following a few days later. Premium paints were easy to deal with and the patio cleaner is very good. Can’t comment on the sealer as I haven’t yet used this product.