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Product Key Features:

1 Solvent-Free Concrete Solution

A quick-drying sealer that prevents dust formation and offers low odour application.

2 Deep Penetrating Formula

Designed to penetrate concrete surfaces for superior sealing and dust-proofing.

3 Ideal for High Traffic Areas

Provides an undercoat for floor paints in industrial and commercial settings.

4 Enhances Topcoat Adhesion

Ensures better adhesion for floor paints, reducing the risk of delamination.

Everest Trade - Concrete Dustproofer / Floor Primer & Sealer - Solvent Free - 20 & 5 Litre

184 Reviews


Made For Use With Everest Trade Waterbased Floor Paints
Made With Premium Acrylic Resins
Tested Thoroughly to Ensure High Performance
Manufactured to ISO9001 Standards to Ensure Quality

This item is dispatched the same day if ordered before 1pm.

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  • Effective concrete dustproofing
  • Durable concrete sealer
  • Low odour and solvent-free
  • Will not blister or peel, hardens & seals concrete
  • Gives additional protection to concrete surfaces
  • Resists oil and stain penetration
  • Easy to apply with a roller or sprayer


Everest Trade Paints - Concrete Dustproofer is a solvent-free, quick-drying concrete sealer with a low viscosity formula which provides a highly effective coating to prevent dust formation on new and existing concrete floors while providing low down-times and low odour application.

Solvent FREE concrete dustproofer that helps prevent dusting on porous concrete surfaces. It's frequently used to seal and prevent dust on concrete on garage floors and industrial floors.

Easy to apply by a roller or sprayer, gives additional protection to concrete surfaces.

Ideal for use as an undercoat prior to application of Everest Quick Drying Floor Paints on bare concrete floors in industrial, commercial and domestic areas due to its ability to penetrate deeper into the substrate providing a better surface to for the floor paint to adhere to and reducing the risk of delamination.

This product SHOULD BE USED as the primer and sealer for all our quick-drying floor paints for both internal and external applications.

However, if you're just planning on using this as a sealer without the intention of applying a topcoat we would recommend the Everest Trade Paints Polyurethane Concrete Sealer instead due to its highly durable base type or Everest Trade Paints Ultimate Concrete Sealer if you require a quick-drying, extra durable coating.

Suitable for use as an undercoat for Floor paint on internal and external concrete floors and also a durable concrete sealer.
It is easily cleaned and will withstand regular washing. Also resistant to most stains and oils.

  • First coat:                Approximately 5 square meters per litre.
  • Second coat:           Approximately 7 square meters per litre.

This is a rough estimate and varies depending on the condition of the driveway/floor and amount applied with each coat.
Under normal conditions, Sealer is touch dry in approximately 2-4 hours.
Do not drive on the surface for 24 hours after the last coat.
Brush, Roller, or Sprayer.
We have compatible application tools Here.
Make sure the surface is 100% dry and free from any moisture or contaminants before application. Do not apply if there is any chance of rain.

Apply only one coat if being used as a primer prior to application of our floor paint, 2 if being used solely as a sealer/dustproofer.

Store away from heat and flames. Secure lid between uses to prevent sealer hardening. Store away from frost.
Thinners aren't required with this product, warm soapy water can be used for clean up.
Ensure all surfaces to be sealed are clean, dry and free from oil and grease.

If applying on exterior surfaces, please ensure no rain is forecast and the surface is dry before application.

SURFACE PREPARATION Ensure all surfaces are sound and clean, free from dust and flaking paint.  Ensure the surface is completely dry and free from condensation and dampness. Remove any loose or flaking paint.

Power floated and self levelled floors need to be etched before application of any floor paint, this can be done with an acid etching solution or using a floor grinding machine.

APPLICATION Apply by brush, roller, conventional H.V.L.P or airless spray.

Mix thoroughly before use with a paddle mixer drill attachment.

IF YOU'RE USING THIS PRODUCT AS A FLOOR PRIMER/SEALER PRIOR TO APPLICATION OF POLYURETHANE FLOOR PAINT: Apply 1 coat to bare concrete areas. Apply the coat thin (roll coat out) and evenly, trying to avoid any pooling or over application. IF YOU'RE USING THIS PRODUCT AS A STANDALONE CONCRETE SEALER: Apply 2 coats. Apply coats (50 microns per coat) thin (roll coats out) and evenly, trying to avoid any pooling or over application. A 3rd coat can be added if a dark, higher sheen finish is required.


Below are the technical specification of this coating, if you require anymore information on this product, please email us at sales@premiumpaints.co.uk or call us on 01909 495708 and one of our staff members will be more than happy to provide you with the information needed.


1 Part - Single Pack.

Base Type:

Premium Acrylic Resin.


Satin Finish.

Theoretical Coverage:

Approximately 5 - 7 square metres per litre, per coat.

Number of Coats:

1 Coat.

Coating Thickness:

50 Microns.

Suitable Substrates:

Concrete Floors, Concrete, Concrete Flags/Slabs, Cement, and Most porous surfaces.

Use Case (Interior / Exterior):

Internal and External.

Touch Dry Time:

2 - 4 Hours at 18°C


2 - 4 Hours at 18°C.

Pot Life:

Not applicable.

Primer Required?:

Not Applicable.

Colour Variation Count:

1 Colour(s) Available.

Application Method:

Brush, Roller, H.V.L.P Sprayer, Airless Sprayer, and Pump Sprayer.

Cleaner / Thinner:

Clean with soapy water.

Shelf Life:

24 Months if kept sealed and away from frost.

Sizes Available:

Available in 5 Litre 20 Litre 200 Litre 1000 Litre Variants.


Below are the all the products and files we have on this coating, if you require anymore information on this product, please email us at sales@premiumpaints.co.uk or call us on 01909 495708 and one of our staff members will do their best to try and provide you with the information needed.


This is our coverage calculator, enter the size (m2) of the area you are looking to cover, then enter the amount of coats you are going to apply and it will inform you of the estimated quantity you will need based off of the products average coverage rates.

If you require anymore information on this product, please email us at sales@premiumpaints.co.uk or call us on 01909 495708 and one of our staff members will be more than happy to provide you with the information needed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 184 reviews
Maria (Peacehaven, GB)
Great products, delivery was a bit of an issue

Products have saved us £££ instead of replacing our tired crappy concrete drive, inherited from the previous owners, we transformed it with these products.
Tips for imprinted concrete drives:
- When ordering make sure you add 10-20% extra due to the grooves using up a lot of paint. (Larger surface area than a flat concrete slab) Also keep extra for any touch ups down the line.
- you’ll get super dirty but pressure wash the drive first with a reputable cleaning liquid and rinse well. Leave to fully dry and sweep up excess dirt
- repair cracks first, you can use epoxy resin, the paint does cover it and sticks.
- Do NOT ever skip primer! This ensures the paint sticks to the surface for a long time, make sure it flows in all the grooves. Let this dry
- then do your 2 coats of paints, use a masonry roller that is for very rough surfaces due to grooves. And have a few masonry brushes to hand. If you’re going to follow a dual tone design like ours you’ll need frog tape. (Masking tape) I recommend the orange one for gloss it sticks better.
- I covered over 40 square meters of drive it is hard work took 1.5 weeks to fully complete, but worth saving £14k for other projects.
Neighbours admire it but Light grey paint looks almost white… wish it were just slightly more grey. We used a combo of light grey and grey.
It has been on for a few weeks now and no issues with paint peeling or blistering. If you have issues then sorry, you haven’t prepped the surface well enough.
Our only Issue was with delivery 4-5 business days turned into 2 weeks. So if you want to start your project, order early and allow for a longer time frame. Thanks to the team for prodding our local delivery depot!!!

Richard Marshallsay Marshallsay (Southampton, GB)
Amazing paint, transformed my garden

Cleaned and repoint patio and still looked rubbish, so bought this paint and primer. Absolutely not disappointed. Looks amaze and a month on with children playing and usual activities there is no sign of wear! Chuffed

Paul Cooke (Clevedon, GB)
Sealer and paint for slabs

Went on really nicely, looks good and doesn’t appear to scratch or mark

J Woody (Sutton Coldfield, GB)
Patio refresh

We went with the grey which has come out lovely and a really nice paint to use. It has given our old tired patio a new lease of life and consistency as we had a number of different slabs. I just hope it wears well.

We jet washed to clean the area, used the Everest primer, and then two coats of paint (2 coats were needed). Coverage was good - we bought 20l and have just under half left. Our area was approximately 50sqm.

I knocked off a star because the 20l tin came damaged and the primer we used before hand smelt like rotten egg (it was horrendous), but seems like it did the trick!

Roy Kharbanda (Birmingham, GB)
Amazing paint and dust proofer and lovely results

Well well well. My patio slabs and concrete path in my garden were at least 50+ years old and well aged. So first I scrubbed and washed all areas which needed refurb and then applied the dust proofer with 9inch medium pile roller. Left it until next morning and did first coat of QD concrete grey . Next day came out and did the second coat within couple of hours paint dryer and depend to a lovely grey. Quick note for future buyer that always by the dust proofer because it seals the surface very well and makes painting very easy because the paint stick to the dust proofer perfectly. All in all final outcome is amazing. Thanks premier paint and the service you provide.

5 star

An excellent product which marched the description as stated, will still buy again if need be and will recommend the product.

Stephen Beament (Huntingdon, GB)
Excellent Service and Very Good Paints and Sealers

Bought the EVEREST TRADE - ULTIMATE QD CONCRETE FLOOR PAINT & SEALER - INTERNAL & EXTERNAL in Olympic Blue first of all but the colour was way off from the colour described. Emailed them and they sent out another colour brick red , which was far better used a stencil with a Magnolia, and then used Everest Sealer and Primer to finish off .

UA (Sale, GB)
Very impressed

Bought this after buying a cheap product so wasnt sure what to expect but it has exceeded expectations. The website is very clear and the buying process is easy but the main reason for 5 stars is tge quality of the paint. Easy to apply and had lota of comments on how good it looks. So overall very happy.

jason cole (Cowley, GB)
Primer and paint

Bought Everest primer and paint for a concrete path running from my back door. The primer dried within 2-3 hours & leaves a nice glossy film ready for painting. The paint took roughly 24 hours to dry outside and the finish is awesome. Very happy with this and would definitely buy it again if needed in the future.

Craig Lonsdale (Stockton-on-Tees, GB)
Excellent Paint - Transformed My Patio

I followed the instructions of the primer and paint to a tee and got fantastic results. Following a decent weather forecast I spent a couple of hours jet washing the patio. The following day I applied the primer with a roller which was very easy to do. Third day I applied two coats of the paint again with a roller which covered very well. Overall really pleased with the results and have plenty of paint left over to re-apply if needed, thousands saved compared to quotes I had received to re-lay a new patio.

Everest Trade - Concrete Dustproofer / Floor Primer & Sealer - Solvent Free -  20 Litre and 5 Litre - PremiumPaints
Everest Trade Paints

Everest Trade - Concrete Dustproofer / Floor Primer & Sealer - Solvent Free - 20 & 5 Litre

From £39.95 £47.94


  • 5 Litre
  • 20 Litre
  • 20 Litre (4 x 5 Litres)


  • Clear


1 Part - Single Pack

Base Type

Premium Acrylic Resin



Theoretical Coverage

Approximately 5 - 7 square metres per litre, per coat.

Number of Coats

1 Coat

Coating Thickness

50 Microns

Suitable Substrates

Concrete Floors, Concrete, Concrete Flags/Slabs, Cement, Most porous surfaces

Use Case (Interior / Exterior)

Internal and External

Touch Dry Time

2 - 4 Hours at 18°C

Overcoatable Time

2 - 4 Hours at 18°C

Fully Cured


Pot Life

Not applicable

Primer Required?

Not Applicable

Colour Variation Count


Application Method

Brush, Roller, H.V.L.P Sprayer, Airless Sprayer, Pump Sprayer

Cleaner / Thinner

Clean with soapy water

Shelf Life

24 Months if kept sealed and away from frost

Sizes Available

5 Litre
20 Litre
200 Litre
1000 Litre
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