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Track an Order - Premium Paints

Track an Order - Premium Paints

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It's quick and easy to track your order once you have ordered through, Most of our items are dispatched via XDP unless stated otherwise, Follow the steps below to track your item.
Step 1:
Once your order has been dispatched (usually 1 day after purchase) you will receive an email to say your item has been dispatched.
Your Tracking number will be located in this email under "Tracking Your Order" Keep this code handy as this is the code you will need to enter on the next step.
Tracking Orders
Go to and login or create an account with the email address used to place the order. Once logged in, go to your account page, click the order you would like to track.
You will see your fulfilment status as well as your tracking number in the column on the right (see image below), Take note of this tracking number. You can then click on the tracking number to be taken to the courier website.
Step 2:
After obtaining your tracking number, go to and enter your tracking number and postcode (with a space) in the top right corner of your screen and click "GO".
Tracking Orders
Your tracking details should appear on screen, If you track your item the day of delivery you will see an hourly ETA timeslot given by the courier.
Tracking Orders
If you are still unable to track your item please contact us via our contact page.
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Kerri - February 20, 2018

Thanks, helped a lot. Received on schedule

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Billy Jarvis - premium paints icon

Written by: Billy Javis
on January 11, 2018

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